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A Fabric Tradition Passed
Down in Nara Since Ancient

Nara, which has been the center of the culture since ancient times, flourished by improving various fabric skills. This extended beyond clothing to include specific fabrics for gorgeous court architecture, temples, and shrines – even after the capital of Japan moved.

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Pioneers of Mesh Cloth Craftsmanship

Our company in Nara has been running a manufacturing fabric industry for a long time. We began by efficiently using leftover fabric scraps, stacking them to make multiple layers for private use. And they were so useful. We shared these convenient fabric stacks with friends and acquaintances, who also found them useful.

A Japan Best Seller for Over 50 Years

Our kitchen cloth is made with multiple layers of high-quality fine mesh fabric. Made in Japan, each cloth is durable and guaranteed to last, making it one of Japan’s best-selling products.

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